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Illegal Students Given Preferential Coverage

October 30, 1994

Your front page on Oct. 23 had two stories showing what the Los Angeles Times considers to be of import. One featured an illegal alien student attending Cal State Northridge; the other, the shooting death of a Los Angeles police officer.

The illegal alien student has his color photograph on the first page, and other illegal aliens are given large photos on pages 26 and 27. The officer's photograph is buried on page 28.

The prominence you gave to the illegal aliens is an insult to the officer who gave his life to the city. The Los Angeles Times has gone too far in political correctness.

Contrary to a belief of your newspaper and leftist Democrats, the state of California is not a province of Mexico. The victory of Proposition 187 will be proof that the state of California belongs to the United States of America.

The illegal alien students should be immediately picked up and deported to the country of origin or pay the tuition charged to foreign students.

When the trustees are proposing to raise student fees by 10%, it does not make any sense to allow illegal aliens to attend California State University without paying higher tuition. It is an injustice to the thousands of foreign students who pay the higher tuition. This is another example that people who play by the rules are the fools.



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