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Time for a Little High-Brow Horror


It's one day to Halloween, and we'll bet you still don't have your costume picked out, do you? Don't fret, we have a book that's sure to inspire you. "Fallen Angels . . . And Spirits of the Dark" (Perigee) by Robert Masello is a fascinating history and guide to all sorts of demons, witches, ghouls, gremlins and other assorted nasties.

How about going dressed as the demon Lerajie, "a powerful marquis, who appears as an archer in a green tunic, armed with bow and arrows. He stirs up battles among men and takes a special interest in arrow wounds--which he causes to putrefy." Or how about a banshee (or "fairy woman"), which in Scotland and Ireland was an apparition of a woman "who haunted remote streams and secret pools. There, she knelt by the water, endlessly beating blood-stained shrouds against the stones. . . . "

OK, it's a little esoteric, but it sure beats wrapping a scarf around your head and calling yourself a gypsy.


Reel to Royal: Now that the (gold) dust has settled from Barbara and Marvin Davis' Carousel of Hope mega-bash Friday, what's a fun-loving Angeleno supposed to do for an encore?

Party down with the Prince of Wales.

That's what some 1,000 people will be doing Tuesday night when His Royal Highness makes an appearance at the premiere of "Mary Shelley's Frankenstein," directed by and starring that multitalented Brit Kenneth Branagh.

L.A.'s going to have to bend a bit to abide by official protocol. As everyone must be seated before royalty arrives, no one will be allowed to turbo-schmooze until the beginning credits roll. No one. We won't name names; you know who you are.

Oh, and remember--one doesn't speak to princes until spoken to. That's going to be tough for some photographers whose natural m.o. would be to scream, "Prince Charles! Charles! Over here, Charles! Charles, one more, please! Charles, how about one with Emma Thompson!"


Easy Readers: When a book party promises "thunder bellowing from Harley Davidson motorcycles," you can bet the guests won't be eating caviar on toast points and talking about skiing in Gstaad.

No, this is not your average soiree.

It's the celebration of "Rebels With a Cause" a new photographic essay book by Gail DeMarco that features the various people who live to ride and ride to live including Hell's Angels and Hell's agents, celebrities and John Q. Public.

The book gets a send-off Nov. 10 at the Derby in Los Feliz with a live performance by Jimmy Intveld and the Gigolos and possible appearances by Peter Fonda, Mickey Rourke, Dennis Hopper and Mary Hart. Mary Hart ? Even perky, TV show-hosting moms need to cut loose once in a while.

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