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If She Looks Easy, She Must Be, Right?

October 30, 1994

Regarding Robin Abcarian's "A Place of Solace From the Horror of Rape" (Oct. 9), upbraiding the judge who lectured a woman victim who had been addicted to cocaine at the time she was raped: Are you open to the possibility that you might not be right?

Look, Robin, I'm a guy, 45, happily married and respectful of women, but let me tell you something that is well-known among men, and was true about me as a young man.

A woman's behavior has tremendous influence on whether a man thinks she is loose and easy and can be taken advantage of. If she swears, drinks, uses drugs, dresses like an exhibitionist or trashes institutions and conventions, these are often cues to a man on the prowl that she might be an easy lay.

Granted, this may not be fair. I say throw the book at rapists, but it also makes perfect sense to lecture women who unknowingly tip the scales toward casting themselves as the next victim.




I was deeply disappointed and not a little shocked that you chose to protect the judge who coddled the rapist and lectured the victim by withholding his name.

As he is a public official and his words and deeds in court are public acts, I see no justification.



Robin Abcarian replies: It was not my intention to protect the Santa Monica Superior Court judge in that case; his name is Leslie Light.

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