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It's the Parents' Job to Teach Values to Kids

October 30, 1994

Re the letter to the editor from Jan Ferris of North Hills ("What's Happened to Shame? It's Vanished," Oct. 16): Ferris writes that since parents don't teach their children moral values, schoolteachers should do it. What bunk.

It's not the responsibility of teachers, police officers or social workers to raise children. None of these people or agencies brought your child into the world.

Parents are responsible for teaching moral values and being role models to their children. Letters like Ferris' just encourage people with no parenting skills to say, "See how society failed my child."


Santa Monica


I agree that feeling shame is the first step in accepting responsibility for a bad deed, which many parents are not teaching.

However, before passing on one more burden to teachers, please just go to any school and spend one day in a classroom.

As it is, teachers do not have time to teach the 3 Rs because they are expected to do parents' jobs.


Seal Beach

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