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Decision '94 / SPECIAL GUIDE TO CALIFORNIA'S ELECTIONS : Decision '94: The Staff

October 30, 1994

The following staff members contributed to this special California elections section:

* California Political Editor: Mark Saylor

* News Editors: Steve Mitchell, Sara Lessley, Keith Thursby, Gary Metzker

* Contributing Editors: Max Vanzi, Frank O. Sotomayor

* Contributing Writers: Bill Stall, Cathleen Decker, Dave Lesher, Amy Wallace, Daniel M. Weintraub, Douglas P. Shuit, Kenneth Reich, Jean Merl, Alan Abrahamson, Paul Jacobs, Dan Morain, Mark Gladstone, Eric Bailey, Virginia Ellis, Carl Ingram, Paul Feldman.

* Copy Chiefs: Mike Castelvecchi, Mike Wyma, Clark Stevens

* Copy Editors: Robert Browning, Dana Farrar, Larry Harnisch, Steve Hensch, Caroline Lee, Paige Owens, Walt Taylor, Elizabeth Troy

* Graphics and Design: Chris Erskine, Vicky McCargar, James Owens, Sal Mina, Lorena Iniguez, David Montesino, Greg Hester

* Photos: Robbin Goddard, Michael Edwards, Raleigh Souther, David Cappoli, Chris Embree

* Research: Nona Yates

* Production Editor: Barbara Thomas

* Production Assistance: Bill Lyman, Frank Chavez, Steve Schroeder

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