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Judge Lance Ito

October 31, 1994

Judge Lance Ito is upset about a media gone wild and at the same time he releases "secret" transcriptions of a closed-door meeting that he had to know would stir up the media some more (Oct. 22).

Again, hypocrisy has won out!



What?! Prosecutor Marcia Clark wishes prospective jurors could be given a lie detector test to keep those with bias off the O.J. Simpson trial?

I say let's give Simpson the lie detector test.


Manhattan Beach

With regard to Simpson's trial, has either side seriously considered the option of waiving a jury, and letting a judge try the case; either Judge Ito or another, acceptable to both sides? Two complementary interests need be served--a fair trial for the defendant, and justice for society.

With a court trial (no jury) the media crush should diminish, the problems associated with jury selection would vanish, the duration of the trial shortened, and Simpson might have a little money left for his family.

With the death penalty no longer an issue, Simpson might well be better off in the hands of a single individual considered to be knowledgeable, intelligent and fair, rather than rolling the dice with a dozen strangers, many of whom are likely to have their own agendas.

If the defense waived a jury, you can bet your last nickel the prosecution wouldn't insist on one, and in the end we'd all be better served.


Pacific Palisades

Lies, lies lies! For months we have been inundated with the best lies that politicians' money can buy. Now on top of all that, the Simpson defense team tells us they are seeking an impartial jury.


Huntington Beach

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