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October 31, 1994

School board members will be chosen in 10 elementary districts. Many districts face the challenge of educating an increasingly diverse student population. Others are looking for ways to pay for expanding the use of computers in schools. More than 60 candidates are seeking seats.


Boundaries: Serves Anaheim

Enrollment: 17,000; grades K-6

Facilities: 21 elementary schools

Issues: More than 49 languages spoken in the district, and officials are working to reorganize the English language development program. District is also grappling with how to accommodate more students in an era of tight budgets.

Open seats: Three


* Tonya Castleman

Age: 38

Occupation: Homemaker

Qualifications: Volunteer with local PTA; serves as teacher's aide.

* Celia Dougherty*

Age: 58

Occupation: Elementary school principal

Qualifications: School board member since 1986.

* Norma W. Friese

Age: 39

Occupation: Businesswoman

Qualifications: Volunteer with local PTA; serves as teacher's aide.

* Benny Hernandez

Age: 37

Occupations: Family counselor

Qualifications: Instructor in parenting classes; member of school-safety committee.

* Herb Griffith

Age: 51

Occupation: Retired veterinarian

Qualifications: Could not be reached for comment.

* Todd E. Kaudy

Age: 24

Occupation: Educator

Qualifications: Works as a junior high school teacher in Downey.

* John Luckett

Age: 28

Occupation: Paralegal

Qualifications: Candidate provided no education-related experience.

* Basilio Moran

Age: 63

Occupation: School district administrator

Qualifications: Retired naval officer; active in the Navy Reserve.

* Betty Patterson*

Age: 57

Occupation: Substitute teacher

Qualifications: School board member since 1977.

* Gregory Robert Ramsay

Age: 36

Occupation: Health-care administrator

Qualifications: Endorsed by district's teachers union.

* Patrice P. Roggenkamp

Age: 39

Occupation: Tax accountant and attorney

Qualifications: Local PTA volunteer.

* Frank Rosales

Age: 44

Occupation: Business consultant

Qualifications: Anaheim Community Services Board member.

* Michael Valenti

Age: 61

Occupation: Marketing consultant

Qualifications: Local PTA volunteer.


Boundaries: Serves northern Buena Park

Enrollment: 4,900; grades K-8

Facilities: Six elementary schools, one junior high school

Issues: District is trying to balance a growing student population with static state funding. It must deal with an influx of non-English speaking students who need special language programs. Several construction projects have begun.

Open seats: Three


* Robert W. Flewelling*

Age: 72

Occupation: Retired teacher and school administrator

Qualifications: Board member since 1992; worked in education for 35 years, including as Buena Park district deputy superintendent.

* Mary Fuhrman

Age: 61

Occupation: Retired elementary school teacher

Qualifications: Worked as teacher in the district for 23 years; has bachelor's degree from San Jose State University.

* B. Buck Levine*

Age: 72

Occupation: Life insurance broker

Qualifications: School board member since 1972; worked as a teacher, high school counselor and school administrator; studied educational issues at USC.

* Elizabeth Swift*

Age: 45

Occupation: Home economics teacher at Buena Park High School

Qualifications: School board member since 1979; has degree from Cal State Long Beach in home economics.


Boundaries: Serves Cypress,

La Palma and parts of Buena Park

Enrollment: 4,400; grades K-6

Facilities: 10 elementary schools

Issues: School financing is a major problem. District had to make major budget cuts this year and has tapped its reserves for the past three years.

Open seats: Three


* Steve Blount

Age: 45

Occupation: Financial operations controller

Qualifications: Served on two district advisory committees: One looked into reopening some schools, the other examined uses for surplus property; former PTA officer.

* Ventura Cornejo Jr.*

Age: 61

Occupation: Teacher in Anaheim Union High School District since 1961

Qualifications: Served on Cypress school board since 1970; winner of 1992 LULAC Outstanding Educator Award.

* Ellen R. Friedmann*

Age: 52

Occupation: Executive assistant of a trade association

Qualifications: Served on the school board from 1979 to 1981 and since 1985; founding president of Cypress High School Academic Boosters.

* Edward K. Southfield*

Age: 44

Occupation: Health insurance consultant

Qualifications: Served on school board since 1980; served as director and president of Cypress County Water District.


Boundaries: Serves portions of Fountain Valley and Huntington Beach

Enrollment: 5,786; grades K-8

Facilities: Eight elementary schools and three middle schools

Issues: School officials might sell some surplus sites. Officials want to maintain safe campuses and encourage parental involvement. Board must also select a permanent superintendent.

Open seats: Three


* Kerryn Coffman

Age: 41

Qualifications: Longtime president of the Lupus Foundation of Southern California Board of Directors; served on Board of Governors for the Arthritis Foundation.

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