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Propositions 184, 187

November 01, 1994

In regard to your editorial, "Prop. 184: Why Even Polly Klaas' Father Says It's a Big Mistake," Oct. 24:

When are the politicians, the media and judiciary going to get the message? We the people are sick and tired of crime. We don't care if it's stealing a loaf of bread or a killing, we have had it. I can't wait to vote yes on 184 and 187.


San Pedro

* It seems that the initiative process in California is being used for purely demonstrative purpose. While the initiative process has always had the characteristics of a popularity poll, Propositions 184 and 187 have all the earmarks of advisory plebiscites.

While some may think that is just fine, it seems to me that the mischief that can be done by passing laws as a form of expressing frustration with the status quo could be quite bad. Unintended consequences, as the conservatives are fond of saying, are certainly waiting in the wings when such laws are passed.


San Bernardino

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