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Body Watch

November 01, 1994|KATHLEEN O. RYAN

These days, we all think twice about whether to go to an emergency room for treatment. But there are definite times--some obvious, some not--when the ER should be a consideration, especially for the elderly and the young:

* Life- or limb-threatening situations.

* Chest pain or prolonged rapid heartbeat.

* Severe bleeding.

* Ingestion of toxic materials.

* Loss of consciousness.

* Shock.

* Head injury.

* Severe or sudden abdominal pain.

* Breathing difficulties.

* Sudden loss of vision.

* Loss of function such as speech or movement.

* High fever.

* Burns with blisters on the face, extremities or genitals.

* Sudden, unusual or severe headache.

Source: Dr. Joel Geiderman, director and co-chairman of the emergency department at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center.

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