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Prop. 185 and Clean Air

November 04, 1994

On Tuesday, Californians who vote yes on Proposition 185 are joining public interest organizations including the League of Women Voters, American Assn. of Retired Persons and the Coalition for Clean Air in promoting a cleaner air future through public transportation. Those who vote no are simply reinforcing the will of the powerful oil industry, which is bankrolling the No on 185 campaign to keep us married to our cars.

Under Proposition 185, Los Angeles transit operators will receive needed funds each year to improve bus service and expand light rail and commuter rail so it meets Angelenos' needs. Without these new funds, more fare hikes and service cutbacks are inevitable.

Proposition 185 provides more than half a billion dollars over five years to make bridges and overpasses earthquake safe. It also funds commuter information, bicycle and pedestrian programs and electric vehicle research.

Proposition 185 designates ongoing funds to improve intercity rail and make high-speed rail to Northern California a reality in the future.

Investing in California's transportation infrastructure will strengthen the economy and create jobs. Providing transportation alternatives to all Californians, including those who cannot or choose not to drive, assures that they will be able to get to work and be productive citizens.

Proposition 185 also provides the only source of state matching funds for the Alameda Rail Corridor, the most important economic recovery project in Southern California.

It cuts waste in transportation spending by limiting what Caltrans and local transit operators can spend on bureaucratic overhead. It requires full annual audits to assure compliance. And it protects all transportation accounts so the Legislature cannot divert the money.

We hope voters will see through the oil industry-induced smog and support a healthy, clean air, alternative transportation future for California. Yes on 185!


Executive Director

Planning and Conservation League

Campaign Manager, Yes on 185


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