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GARDEN GROVE : Council Rejects Attempt to Rejoin League of Cities

November 04, 1994|BERT ELJERA

City Council members have rejected a proposal to rejoin the League of California Cities despite pleas that the withdrawal has isolated the city.

Council members on Tuesday allowed Councilman Ho Chung's proposal to die for lack of a second, keeping intact the 3-2 vote in March to drop out of the league.

"I was shocked," Chung said. He said he thought the council would consider rejoining the league to end what he said was the city's isolation and as a "gift" to outgoing Mayor Frank Kessler.

Kessler, 61, who is leaving office after the Nov. 8 election, cited the withdrawal from the league as one reason why he did not seek reelection after one term.

Kessler said that it would be an insult to him for the council to vote on returning to the league, since he is about to leave office.

"I hope the next council would have more sense than this council," Kessler said.

The league provides such services as legislative advocacy, municipal training and legal information. Members pay annual dues based on population and a flat fee of $1,300 a year. Each city is entitled to one vote in making appointments to league boards, commissions and committees.

Councilman Bruce A. Broadwater said this one-member, one-vote rule is unfair to bigger cities.

Council members Robert F. Dinsen and Mark Leyes had voted with Broadwater to drop out of the league.

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