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Here's Looking Up to You, Muggsy Bogues

November 04, 1994|MAL FLORENCE

Keith Braswell, a freshman guard at the University of Dayton, admires Muggsy Bogues of the Charlotte Hornets for good reason.

Bogues is the shortest player in NBA history at 5 feet 3. Braswell, however, literally looks up to Bogues. He stands only 4-11 1/2 and wears Size-4 1/2 shoes that must be bought in the children's departments of stores.

As a requirement of his work-study program, Braswell spends eight hours a week doing cleanup work at Founders Hall on campus.

"When he vacuums, he has to peek over the vacuum cleaner to see where he's going," a teammate said.

Trivia time: Who holds the NFL record for most touchdowns rushing in a season?

Never too young: Scott Ostler in the San Francisco Chronicle on Venus Williams of Compton becoming a tennis pro at 14:

"Is 14 too early? Who knows? Genius has its own timetable. And bank book.

"Mozart was about 6 years old when he turned pro, went on the European concert circuit, hustling his harpsichord hits."

Campus humor: Larry Guest of the Orlando Sentinel writes that on the University of Florida campus they're asking: "What's the difference between God and Steve Spurrier?.

"Answer: God doesn't think he's Steve Spurrier."

Why not?Bernie Lincicome in the Chicago Tribune: "Should a team on probation be allowed to be the national champion?

"I look at it this way. If Marion Barry can be mayor of Washington, then Auburn can be No. 1 in the country."

Mat matters: Steve Jennings, a former punter with the New York Giants and Jets, is among alumni of St. Lawrence College in Canton, N.Y., who intend to withhold donations to the school because it intends to drop wrestling to save money.

Not heard from so far is the college's most famous wrestler, actor Kirk Douglas, who graduated in 1939.

Spooky night: Green Bay quarterback Brett Favre, a Mississippi native, on the rain and high winds in Chicago during the Packers' 33-6 victory over the Bears on Monday night:

"It was like Hurricane Camille, only 80 degrees colder."

Buddy bashing: Woody Woodburn in the Ventura Star-Free Press on a trick-or-treater he would like to have seen on Halloween night:

"Buddy Ryan in a horse costume (of course someone else will have to wear the front section and head)."

Waiting game: Curt Flood, talking about the United Baseball League in the New York Times: "We need an alternative league. America deserves an alternative league. . . . I need an alternative league. Baseball owners have shut me out for 25 years."

Trivia answer: John Riggins of the Washington Redskins with 24 in 1983.

Quotebook: Ed O'Bradovich on Gale Sayers, his former teammate with the Chicago Bears: "If there was one game, one play that had to be made, I'd want (Sayers) to carry the ball. As fast as he was going forward, he was that fast going sideways."

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