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No Appetite for TV News Hype

November 05, 1994

Howard Rosenberg's column " 'News- Hour' Chases the News, Not Simpson" (Oct. 26) was right on. As a former news freak, I used to watch several hours of local news a day--but no more! To get the small amount of news dispensed between the mountains of idiotic, ridiculous hype on the Rodney King beating, the Menendez trial and now the Simpson trial is simply not worth the aggravation. Give me "MacNeil/Lehrer" or CNN any time.


Huntington Beach


I congratulate Howard Rosenberg for recognizing "The MacNeil/Lehrer NewsHour." Within a few months of my 1978 migration to the United States, I began feeling nauseated by the news "shows" of network television. They seemed to lack truthfulness, objectivity and courtesy--the staples of true journalism. They were nothing but a forum for silky-tongued, well-dressed and glamorous folks to drum up business for their sponsors and to increase their personal popularity.

Eventually I discovered "The MacNeil/Lehrer NewsHour." Now I have made it my primary source of news, along with a few newspapers. "NewsHour" strives to probe and clarify the viewpoint of its guests. And it does so with dignity and courtesy.

Sixteen years ago, I was amazed by the extent of freedom accorded to the press in the United States. But, having watched the network and cable news, I realized that the freedom does not necessarily guarantee quality. Network and cable journalism, with divided loyalties and dubious ethics, is no better than a policed newspaper in a totalitarian society.

But I am glad that we do have "MacNeil/Lehrer" as a choice on television. I strongly urge your readers to give the "NewsHour" a try.


Buena Park

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