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'Pulp Fiction' Returns

November 05, 1994

Interestingly, Lisa Koontz ("What's So Funny About 'Pulp Fiction'?," Saturday Letters, Oct. 29) took notice of the faces of fellow patrons exiting the theater after a showing of the movie, which leads me to believe she allowed herself to "endure" 2 1/2 hours of "senseless violence." The opening 10 minutes of this movie clearly set the tone, certainly enough time for her to have requested a refund.

So why are we laughing, Lisa? Perhaps if you'll allow yourself to "lighten up" a little, you'll have the answer.




Maybe I can clarify for Koontz part of what we find appealing about "Pulp Fiction" (and others of its ilk). There is tremendous appeal in being able to see the senseless violence in a controlled arena, combined with clever dialogue, performed by talented, engaging actors--rather than in the frightening randomness of real life, perpetrated by ignorant, angry people.

If we don't laugh, we will all begin to cry, or be afraid to leave our homes. And I hate to break it to Koontz, but the violence already has spread to the suburbs--or maybe she hasn't heard about the murders of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman.


Laguna Beach

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