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NORTH HILLS : National Guard Gives $140,000 to School

November 05, 1994|MAKI BECKER

A new technology education program is in the works at Sepulveda Middle School, thanks to a $140,000 grant from the National Guard.

Perry Whitmer, who teaches wood shop, agriculture and Spanish at Sepulveda, is heading up the project, from building new work labs to purchasing new equipment.

"What I am going to do is to build 20 different learning stations where kids will be rotated in on a five- to 10-day basis," said Whitmer. "They'll be learning things like aerospace, rocketry, computer animation, desktop publishing and telecommunication."

The program will bring together all the math and science teachers at the middle school, Whitmer said, and will not be just for those attending the gifted magnet program on campus.

"It's going to be across the board, for everybody," he said.

The school will also work with parents in developing the technology project.

"One thing that we've come up with to help Perry, as soon as he gets material and equipment is to start a technology club (for parents and students) after school," said Rachel Dunne, parent of a Sepulveda student.

"Then the students in the club would get a chance to become teacher assistants.

They'd definitely be the student experts," Dunne said.

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