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Some Readers Believe 'twas Almost Criminal to Publish This Story

November 05, 1994

Regarding "Should a Coach Know if a Player Is in Trouble" (Oct. 29), I was appalled at:

1. The inference that the misdemeanor charges against the USC players were comparable to the attempted murder charge of the Cal State Northridge player.

2. The invasion of privacy of these players.

3. The continued implication that all JC players are high risk.

4. In the original recruiting article last spring, The Times reporter showed a complete lack of knowledge of JC admission requirements.

Whatever happened to the American principle of giving kids credit when they were able to escape the problems of their environment and past and make successes out of themselves?




There you go again! You just ruined my Saturday morning with another in your long series of reports trashing USC football players.

Last May, you burned USC unfairly with an erroneous article about JC transfers being academically unqualified.

Now we learn of more high crimes and misdemeanors, such as window tinting and expired driver's licenses. Thanks for doing your civic duty. Now try running a make on The Times' payroll and see what you get.


Los Alamitos


Four USC football players are currently wanted by the police. Five other current players have been arrested some time since their 18th birthday. One current player has served a year in jail. I can't remember USC football having such an impressive set of statistics since "Honest John" Robinson's last term as head coach.


San Dimas


Attention all USC students:

Legal defense services are available for all transgressions. Pay after you are drafted by the NFL or whenever. Call Michael C. Carney at Heritage Hall. Equal opportunity defender.


San Bernardino


Regarding your article on the criminal records of football players at UCLA, USC and Cal State Northridge, I remember being in Miami two years ago. The Miami paper interviewed one of the assistant coaches at the University of Miami about a big game. He said, "If we can get all of our players out of jail by Saturday, we should win going away."

Would this apply out here?



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