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Prop. 188 an Industry Smoke Screen

November 06, 1994

Proposition 188 is being misrepresented by Philip Morris and other tobacco companies as a strong smoking control law. The truth is, this initiative would replace Orange County's well supported and hard fought smoke-free ordinances with a weak state law that would pose a serious threat to our health and well being.

For example, Proposition 188:

* Allows smoking in restaurants, hotels, sports facilities, workplaces and other public places, exposing millions of Orange County residents to toxic environmental tobacco smoke.

* Preempts local policy makers from passing ordinances that are stronger than the weak provisions of the Prop. 188 initiative. This would inhibit local policy makers from adequately protecting the health and safety of their citizens.

* Repeals existing local smoking control ordinances such as those passed last year by the city councils of Laguna Hills, Huntington Beach, Dana Point, Laguna Beach, San Juan Capistrano and Santa Ana. Prop. 188 would also repeal AB13, a strong state law designed to protect the public's health and safety from environmental tobacco smoke.

It enrages me that people are being mislead into voting for Proposition 188 believing that it will provide protection from the harmful effects of environmental tobacco smoke. The fact remains, this proposition is sponsored by the tobacco companies and do you really think that they are concerned with our health? Consider your vote carefully or our hopes for a healthier California will go up in smoke.


Chairman, Orange County

Tobacco Use Prevention Coalition

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