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El Toro Airport Initiative Requires Educated Decision on Voters' Part

November 06, 1994

I'm tired of backers of Measure A claiming the opponents don't trust the democratic process of allowing the voters to decide, yet out of the other corner of their mouths they accuse the county supervisors and the El Toro Reuse Planning Authority of being biased and undemocratic. Truly amazing!

It is, however, more alarming to me that one of the biggest decisions for Orange County's future is being overshadowed by major state propositions. This must be making the supporters very happy as the most researched information has come from the newspapers and has only reached those who have taken the time to read about the issue. Unfortunately, this rush-rush measure has not allowed time for adequate studies to be done regarding costs and benefits, and we are being told to believe the measure backers.

I have to trust the democratic process, even if it can be abused by those with money seeking power and profit at others' expense. I believe that when the voters get to the polls and the 29 words on the ballot are all they know about the El Toro issue, their instincts will tell them don't sign until you see it in writing. Always sound advice.


Santa Ana

* In order for Orange County to remain competitive, Measure A (the commercial airport initiative) should be approved by the voters next Tuesday. I cannot understand the reasoning of those who say that only large developers, like George Argyros, will benefit.

Instead, businesses and craftsmen will benefit by providing materials and labor toward the construction of the airport. It will continue to provide employment for those who will work there. Orange County needs this airport in order to improve its economy as well as our employment rate. Measure A should be passed.



* We are told businesses will be moving in and around El Toro with an airport there.

Businesses are moving out of Southern California to Mexico, Taiwan, etc.

Airports do not dictate business conduct. Good business climate and low costs do. Santa Clara and the Silicon Valley with no major airport are the perfect example!


Aliso Viejo

* I've been wary about Measure A, the airport initiative, since I first heard about it. I knew that it sounded pretty stupid to put a full-scale airport in the middle of one of the most populated areas in Orange County, only a few miles from an existing airport. I believe that (recent) events are painting the true picture of who is really behind the initiative. I'm referring to the donation of $634,000 (including a $193,950 contribution in kind) to the pro-airport group by George Argyros, a Newport Beach developer, which demonstrates that it's primarily a few wealthy businessmen who really want the airport to be built.

Even if you bought into the number of new jobs they claim will be created, the number is far less than that which would be produced by expanding the base for similar uses as those that now exist in the nearby Spectrum commercial and industrial park. In fact, there have been hundreds of suggestions for potential uses for the base which create jobs and other major benefits for Orange County, but the airport proponents don't want to give them a chance. I hope the voters of Orange County see who's really behind Measure A and vote it down.


Lake Forest

* Regarding the Times Orange County Poll on El Toro ("Electorate Still Can't Decide on El Toro Airport," Oct. 30): To believe that millionaire developer George Argyros (co-signer on the Measure A initiative) is being magnanimous by pouring another $440,000 of his personal funds just to (bring) jobs to Orange County, you would have to also believe in Peter Pan and the Tooth Fairy.

Wake up, electorate. There is only one reason for someone to spend that kind of money and it has nothing to do with providing jobs.



* I am voting for Measure A, the El Toro airport issue, because I am very much concerned about losing military protection with the base closure. Do we really think the world is safe enough to reduce our military? I do not! If we vote for a commercial airport, the runways will remain, and in case of a military emergency the airport would be available to us.


Newport Beach

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