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Parking Permits OKd for San Juan Capistrano Condo Complex


SAN JUAN CAPISTRANO — The City Council has approved a strict parking permit program for public streets in an 810-unit condominium complex.

The program, which will go into effect in February, will make permits mandatory for vehicles parked on streets of the Capistrano Villas condominiums between 3 a.m. and 6 a.m.

Residents in the complex with a one-car garage will be allowed two permits; those with a two-car garage will be allowed one permit.

Residents may also apply for guest permits and appeal to a special board for additional permits. Cars without permits will be issued citations by the Orange County Sheriff's Department.

The city program, approved Tuesday, replaces an earlier one that had been administered by the three homeowner associations of Capistrano Villas.

Latino residents had complained that the previous parking program was discriminatory because it required garage inspections and proof of residency at the complex.

Several Latino residents expressed concern Tuesday about the new parking program. One resident said the city should spend more time trying to suppress gang activity at the condominium complex.

"There is too much attention being paid to the parking program when there is no parking problem," Alberto Vasquez said through an interpreter.

Another resident said the city had "very shoddily handled" the parking program and failed to listen to residents.

But others disagreed. They said the parking program was badly needed because there were so many cars and limited space at the complex.

When the previous program was in effect in May, vandalism dropped at the Capistrano Villas, resident Gillian Cannon said.

City officials will review the parking program in the spring and report back to the council.

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