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Prime-Time Flicks

November 06, 1994|Kevin Thomas

Even before "Wayne's World" there was a market for, like, really excellent dudes who lived to party hearty. The 1989 Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure (KTLA Sunday at 6 p.m.), directed by Stephen Herek and starring Keanu Reeves and Alex Winter as B. & T., found it. But it's a good movie ... not.

The 1991 Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country (NBC Sunday at 9 p.m.) is a thinly veiled allegory about the breakup of the Soviet Union. Here we find the crew of the starship Enterprise rescuing Capt. Kirk (William Shatner) and Bones McCoy (DeForest Kelley) from a murder trial.

As Peyton Flanders, the demented nanny of te 1992 hit The Hand That Rocks the Cradle (ABC Sunday at 9 p.m.), Rebecca De Mornay has a picture-perfect prettiness; the only time you register a real person ticking behind the mask is when her eyes glaze over in rapt, crazed calculation. She craves the perfect All-American family so much she's willing to kill for it. At its best, the film is a bright, nasty psychological thriller with a joker up its sleeve, but its overall design is predictable.

Overboard (KTLA Monday at 8 p.m.) is a 1987 Hollywood reworking of Italian director Lina Wertmuller's nifty "Swept Away." Goldie Hawn is cast as a rich harridan who gets her comeuppance from hambone sexy proletarian Kurt Russell.

Raiders of the Lost Ark (KTLA Tuesday at 7:30 p.m.), the extravagant 1981 Spielberg-Lucas salute to the Saturday matinee serials stars Harrison Ford, of course, as Indiana Jones.

With its predictable city-slicker vs. Southern-cracker shenanigans, the 1992 My Cousin Vinny (Fox Tuesday at 8 p.m.) takes off when Joe Pesci, in the title role as a swaggering New York lawyer who only recently passed the bar on his sixth try, shows up to defend his cousin and his friend in a mistaken-identity case. Marisa Tomei won an Oscar as Vinnie's sharp, svelte girlfriend.

Gone With the Wind, the most beloved Hollywood classic of them all, airs on KTLA in two parts: Wednesday at 7 p.m. and Thursday at 8 p.m.

Willow (KTLA Friday at 7:30 p.m.) is an agreeable enough 1988 adventure-fantasy in which the children of a little person (Warwick Davis) discover a baby girl who, according to prophecy, will bring down Jean Marsh's evil queen. Directed by Ron Howard and based on a story by George Lucas.

KCET's Saturday night double feature is composed of two of Carole Lombard's best: Twentieth Century (at 9 p.m.) and Nothing Sacred (at 10:30 p.m.).

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