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Kathleen Brown

November 06, 1994

We read Kathleen Brown's economic plan and were inspired, not "terrified," as the Hoover Institution team said we should be (Commentary, Nov. 1). Each of the 32 boxes appearing throughout the book identifies a proposal which is enlarged upon in the text. It's easy to read but adequately detailed for its purpose.

We read a plan to take action to create jobs, break the cycle of violence, improve our schools and colleges, and stem the tide of illegal immigration. We read creative leadership proposals to get our economy moving, increase personal safety, and to fairly spread the necessary costs of infrastructure maintenance, job training, appropriate incarceration and services across all levels of government and the private sector. We read about a stimulus plan for business and industry.

In short, we read a positive plan developed by an intelligent leader who sees a potential for goodness and worth in our society. We hope that she gets the chance to govern our state.



* Brown is the supreme hypocrite for her opposition to Prop. 187. Her so-called economic plan, on Page 58, increases fines and penalties on businesses for the same requirements as in Prop. 187 for school and health care administrators, with no penalties! How come it's OK to lay a burden on businesses to check for illegal immigrant applicants, but not OK to lay the same requirements on school and health care administrators?

She and others disparaged Gov. Pete Wilson's comment about an identification card, but on Page 57 of her booklet, she proposes creating a "tamper-proof" Social Security card. So what's the difference? All we have to do is read what's written to see how shallow her debate is.


West Hills

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