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November 06, 1994

Prop. 103's Harvey Rosenfield ("Insurers Mount a Stealth Campaign," Commentary, Nov. 2) wants readers to believe that there is something wrong about supporting a political candidate.

There is nothing "stealth" about the insurance industry's support of Assemblyman Charles Quackenbush for insurance commissioner. The contribution records are public and we openly acknowledge our support.

And, our reason for supporting Quackenbush is no secret either. Insurers, like other business interests that make up California's economic fabric, want a strong, healthy marketplace in which to compete and conduct business. In pursuit of this goal, our members actively support candidates for legislative and statewide offices who embrace the kind of economic concepts that best serve our customers and investors.

Quackenbush as well as many other candidates this year fit that criterion well.

Consumers are best served by a strong competitive market in which insurance is readily available.


Assn. of California Insurance Cos.


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