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Does the Oracle See a Win?

November 07, 1994|JAMES BATES

Will the gods be with GOP candidate Mike Huffington in Tuesday's U.S. Senate race with incumbent Dianne Feinstein?

Hard to say with his campaign slipping in recent weeks. But maybe the goddesses will be.

Among the latest offerings in the local seminar business is a $29 course this month titled "Access the Goddesses Within You" taught by Huffington's sister-in-law, Agapi Stassinopoulos.

The course goal: to "let the wisdom of the ancient goddesses guide and enlighten you."

Stassinopoulos is an actress and producer as well as sister of Arianna Stassinopoulos Huffington, wife of the Senate candidate.

Stassinopoulos' course is scheduled Nov. 30 on the Westside through the Learning Annex course organizers.

Among the topics listed in the course description are "How Aphrodite can help you to have more passion and love in your life," "How Athena brings forward higher wisdom in all your endeavors," "How Artemis can bring more freedom and independence" and how matrimony goddess Hera can assist "if you're looking for that perfect union with another."

Vote of Confidence

If there was an award for consistently humble public acceptance of jobs, Danny Goldberg, newly crowned chairman of Warner Bros. Records, might well win.

Last week, Goldberg, who got the job after serving as president of Atlantic Records, was quoted in the Times as saying: "The biggest challenge for me is to not screw this job up."

Ten months ago, when he was elevated to president of Atlantic, Goldberg said: "My main goal is to not screw up what already is a very strong and healthy company."

Term Paper

A sheet of paper titled "Dictionary of Hollywood" has been making the rounds on entertainment industry fax machines lately, providing a creative, albeit cynical, take on some of the common descriptions and phrases regularly used in the business.

Among them:

* Residuals equals "braces for the kids."

* Deferral equals "don't hold your breath."

* Net equals "something that apparently doesn't exist."

* Gross equals "Michael Eisner's salary."

* Highly qualified equals "knows the producer."

* To pitch equals "grovel shamelessly."

* To free-lance equals "collect unemployment."

* The phrase "You'll never work in this town again " equals "I have no power whatsoever."

* "It's all up on the screen" equals "You'll never find the money I embezzled."

* "Call me back next week" equals "Stay out of my life."

Briefly. . .

A 30-year-old book, "The Robot That Helped to Make a President," aimed at helping autograph collectors figure out whether a John F. Kennedy signature is authentic or signed by an autograph machine, is being revived and marketed for $75. . . . A videocassette on how to properly hold and smoke a cigar is being marketed via a toll-free number for $29.95.

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