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Shaw Reaches Out, Touches Football Fans in St. Louis


As Ram President John Shaw tries to defuse speculation in Southern California that the team is heading to St. Louis, he appears to be giving fans there reason to be excited about a potential move.

Shaw apparently has called two St. Louis fans who had written to him and told one he hopes he can get the team moved there.

Bryan Herrick, a 31-year-old college counselor from St. Louis, said Shaw called Friday, and Jim Rindler, a 45-year-old advertising executive from Ballwin, Mo., said Shaw called him Monday morning.

Herrick said a message machine in another room answered Shaw's call as he picked up the phone, and he inadvertently recorded the 90-second conversation.

Shaw could not be reached Monday, but Herrick played the tape for three Times reporters who regularly cover the Rams and they identified the voice as Shaw's.

Shaw thanked Herrick for his letter and told him the Rams are serious about moving. Herrick then told Shaw how St. Louis fans would have a real passion for the Rams.

"I'm glad to hear that," Shaw replied. "I'm impressed with your mail support. I just wanted to let people know we're grateful for it, and hopefully we'll get it done for you guys."

Rindler, who sent a batch of candy bars to Shaw for Halloween with the message, "It will be a real treat for you to come to St. Louis," said he was stunned to get a call from the Ram executive Monday.

"It was like getting a call from the president of the United States," Rindler said. "He said he was coming to town shortly and was going to make a decision this month. I was impressed that he opens his own mail. That's the mark of a sincere person."

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