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PRO FOOTBALL DAILY REPORT : RAIDERS : Williams-Smith Feud Fizzles in End

November 08, 1994|STEVE SPRINGER

It was supposed to be the Raiders versus the Kansas City Chiefs Sunday. But during a week of pregame verbal sparring that would have made Don King proud, the story turned into Harvey Williams versus Neil Smith. Williams, the Raider tailback, talked about the bitterness he felt over his treatment by Coach Marty Schottenheimer during Williams' three years with the Chiefs. Smith, a Kansas City defensive lineman, sent a message via the media to Williams: Shut up.

So what happened when they met at Kansas City's Arrowhead Stadium?

The first few times they collided, Smith continued his tirade, appearing to shove Williams once.

Williams walked away.

"I told him, 'Don't even try (those tactics),' " Williams said. "After we got that out of the way, it was all right. All the guys (from Kansas City) wished me well."

Williams told reporters as he dressed after Sunday's game that he was going to pause outside to visit with an old friend--Neil Smith.


The Raiders limped home from Sunday's loss in Kansas City with various bumps and bruises, but none appear to be serious.

Defensive backs Albert Lewis (knee), Derrick Hoskins (ankle) and Patrick Bates (shoulder), and offensive lineman Robert Jenkins (ankle) are all hoping to practice this week in preparation for Sunday's game against the Rams at Anaheim Stadium.

Linebacker Rob Holmberg suffered a compound fracture of the finger Sunday, but finished the game.

The Raiders expect to have a better idea about their availability Wednesday when practice resumes.

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