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Grace on the Fire

November 10, 1994|CHARLES PERRY

Domino's Pizza invites children 12 years and under to write a Thanksgiving grace that explains why they and everybody should be thankful (although the term grace is used, Domino's adds, what the children write need not be religious). Each of the first 500 children who send in letters will be rewarded with a coupon for a free order of chicken wings. Send to "A Wing and a Prayer," 924 Broadway, 4th floor, New York, N.Y. 10010. Must be postmarked by Nov. 23; one entry per person.

Boneless Muffins

Lots of people only like the tops of muffins, and now for them there's a special baking tin with shallow cups that only makes muffin tops. The Muffin Top Pan is made by Chicago Metallic, and it's sold at Williams-Sonoma stores; or order from (800) 541-2233.

Angel Food

Angels are making a big comeback, and angel recipes were probably inevitable. "The Angel Cookbook: Heavenly Light Cusine" (Strawberry Patch: Atlanta) is by Diane Pfeifer, author of the C&W cookbook "Stand by Your Pan," so expect her sunny mixture of health food and out-of-control punning ("Lentils We Have Stirred on High," "Heaven Only Nachos," "Thy Kingdom Kumquat"). In book stores, or order by calling (800) 875-7242.

And here's another--"Angels in the Kitchen: Divine Desserts for Any Occasion" by Patricia Corrigan (Pocket Books). It too has lots of cartoon angels, but not so many puns. Also in book stores.

The Skinny Nanny

People who are allergic to cow's milk are familiar with the Meyenberg brand of goat's milk. Now it offers a 1%-fat version--the first low-fat goat's milk ever--with only 90 calories and 1.5 grams saturated fat to the cup. At Ralph's and Hughes Markets in Southern California and Albertson's in Northern California.

Soldier's Joy

For the next two weeks, grocery bags at Southern California Hughes Markets will carry the message "Adopt a Unit, Building Morale as High as the Clouds." This is the slogan of Americans Support Americans, a non-political program to boost morale in military units by having communities "adopt" them, promoting letter-writing and other ways of establishing ties with the unit. As the message on the bag continues, "For more information on how your community can adopt a unit of the United States Armed Services, call (213) 746-9345."

Boil One for the Harp Guy

Right about now, if we were in ancient Athens, it would be getting toward the end of Pyanopsion. This month took its name from the holiday of Pyanopsia, or "bean-boiling day," when Athenians would take pots of boiled fava beans to the temple of Apollo.

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