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Election Results

November 10, 1994

All this blaming of President Clinton and activist government for Tuesday's elections is hogwash. The American public has never rejected a party for accomplishing too much.

While we liberals lick our wounds, we must remember that Clinton's legislative failures were in a Democrat-controlled Congress. Maybe now that their noses have been bloodied, the idiotic Dems who fought him on health, crime, welfare reform, etc., will learn to stand behind and support their wonderful President through the New(t) Gridlock. And give Americans a real reason to put them back in power in '96.


Los Angeles

* Election '94 was a powerful repudiation of liberalism in general and Bill Clinton in particular. Americans want individual responsibility, lower taxes and less government.



* The message is loud and clear. California citizens are tired of having policies shoved down their throats by righteous politicians and the crusading media that jeopardize their standard of living and deplete California's resources. The people have spoken. Why don't we pretend it's a democracy and let the will of the people be done.


North Hills

* Tuesday, voters cast their ballots in an angry, surly, combative and mean-spirited way. Their reward for this tunnel vision is a surly, combative and mean-spirited majority leader, and an angry, combative and mean-spirited Speaker of the House. Just to name two of the most negative results. God help us all.


Santa Ana

* Before Republicans get too hoarse from crowing over their victories, they should note that people were not voting for Republican ideology or conservative "values." The defeat of Oliver North is ample proof of this. Rather, voters were expressing outrage against the status quo, for which many understandably blamed the continuing decline in the quality of their lives.

The Republican leadership now has a heavy burden. Electoral politics has become just like network television, where new series get quickly canceled if the first episodes don't deliver immediate ratings. If voters do not notice significant and tangible improvement in their lives by 1996, they're likely to throw out the Republicans just as surely as they axed the Democrats who ran on a "change" platform in 1992. Good luck!



* The election makes one wonder what the Democrats in Congress would have accomplished the last two years if they had known that they had so little time to lead the country. My guess is they would have bickered less and implemented the President's thoughtful and progressive agenda. If they had, they probably would not have suffered defeat at the hands of the cynical do-nothing Republicans claiming to be agents of change.



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