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Prop. 187 Vote

November 10, 1994

I want to thank the students of the Los Angeles Unified School District for deciding my vote on Proposition 187. I was fully convinced that I should vote no because I felt that the issue was unjust until I saw all of the students marching in protest.

I realized that my tax dollars were being spent to keep these student in school and here they were not in school but out on the streets protesting a political issue! That made me realize that if 187 passed, this situation would not be occurring in the future and I decided to change my vote to a yes!


La Crescenta

* It is remarkable that LAUSD officials have found money to go to court to invalidate Proposition 187. It would appear that this money could be better spent repairing toilet facilities at Franklin High School (Nov. 9).


Los Angeles

* I have never felt so ashamed and embarrassed to be a lifelong Californian: We have just passed a referendum affirming hatred, greed and mean-spiritedness.


Los Angeles

* I can identify with the children who will be taken out of our schools if Proposition 187 stands up in court and becomes law.

I grew up in Germany. In 1933, when I was 15, I was called to my high school principal's office. He told me that Hitler had decreed that no Jewish children would be educated in public schools under the Nazi regime, and to pack my things and go home.

I'll never forget that day or the empty days that followed.


Beverly Hills

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