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ANAHEIM : Debate Begins on How to Fill Council Seat

November 10, 1994|GREG HERNANDEZ

One day after they were elected, Mayor Tom Daly and Councilmen-elect Lou Lopez and Bob Zemel already disagree over how to fill a vacant fifth seat on the council.

The fifth council member, who would serve out the two years remaining on Daly's term, may have to be selected by voters if the council cannot agree on a candidate.

The vacancy was created by the new way of selecting the mayor. The mayor's term had been two years and is now four, at large. Daly's reelection leaves his council seat vacant with two years remaining. His seat had to remain vacant during the election in case he lost the mayor's race, City Clerk Leonora Sohl said.

Daly said he is meeting with community leaders to discuss possible candidates, but said budget advisory commission chairwoman Shirley A. McCracken, who finished third among 16 candidates, would be a logical choice.

"She was the third-highest vote-getter, and I feel strongly that the council should appoint a woman," Daly said. "I've always been impressed with Shirley's abilities and I think she would make an excellent appointment."

Daly said he hopes the new council will be able to agree on an appointment in order to save citizens the estimated $100,000 it would cost to hold a special election.

If the council cannot agree on an appointment within 60 days, then a special election will automatically be called, Sohl said.

Zemel said he doesn't think the vacancy has to be filled by one of the losing candidates and said gender and race should not figure into the decision.

Lopez said the city should hold a special election, despite the expense.

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