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REDONDO BEACH : Recall Effort Against Councilman Planned

November 10, 1994|JAMES BENNING

Twenty residents plan to circulate a petition to recall City Councilman Greg Hill.

In a statement filed with the city clerk's office Nov. 1, the residents stated they want to recall the first-term councilman for a number of reasons, including their claim that he hired a convicted child molester as his campaign manager.

The residents also opposed a vote he cast to approve a high-density project they said was opposed by many in the community and another vote he cast to eliminate after-school programs for children. They also said Hill was absent from more council meetings than any other council member.

"This stuff is outlandish, outrageous," said Hill, who added that he believes his critics should vote against him when his term expires rather than stage a recall effort in midterm.

Hill said he had no idea when he hired his campaign manager that the man was a convicted child molester and said the individual no longer works for him.

In addition, he defended his vote to approve a condominium complex, saying the project was supported by many in the community, and he defended his attendance record, which he said includes only two absences out of dozens of meetings.

Once the clerk finalizes the petition, the residents will have 90 days to collect 1,875 valid signatures to force a special election.

Hill was elected in 1993 to represent District 2, which includes the marina area. His term expires in spring of 1997.

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