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Formal Dressing, Computer-Style

November 10, 1994|RIP RENSE

No instructions are too fuzzy for Jean Chen's fuzzy-logic-based "Perfect Fashion Design" program.

As an experiment, the following deliberately quirky specifications were entered into PFD: weather--coolish; season--spring; style of occasion--formal; sartorial whimsy--between flashy and everyday. The results?

1. A gypsy-like (Carole Little) dress, a little off-the-shoulder, very loose, navy blue, with skirt portion containing horizontal layers of various muted patterns.

2. A somewhat transparent black two-piece ensemble, with short skirt and sleeves trimmed with black lace, and big gold buttons up the front.

3. Ensemble of long-sleeved blouse and long skirt of subtle abstract pattern. Brick-brown color, with light lace trim and double-breasted top.

4. A conservative cotton gray dress with faint white stripes, pocket with white scarf. A dignified work dress.

5. A navy blue (Carole Little) blouse, with beige skirt printed with navy blue floral pattern.

Chen's choice: No. 1, "Because I like navy, and this is a formal occasion."

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