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CALIFORNIA ELECTIONS : Rogan Leaves Campaigning Behind : Assembly: Fresh from his third win in six months, lawmaker can now look forward to a full two-year term.


For Assemblyman James Rogan (R-Glendale), 1994 has been a year of campaign after campaign after campaign.

Fresh from his third straight campaign victory in six months--a strong 55% to 41% victory over Democratic challenger Adam Schiff--Rogan said Wednesday that he was anxious to finally devote himself to legislative reform in Sacramento.

"I'm getting used to seeing my name on signs around town," said Rogan, 37, a former Glendale Municipal Court judge. "I'm looking forward to paying attention to legislative functions and not worrying about the campaigns."

The seat, representing the 43rd Assembly District, was vacated when Pat Nolan was forced to resign after pleading guilty Feb. 18 to one count of racketeering, a charge stemming from an FBI sting operation against state lawmakers. Nolan is now serving a jail term.

Rogan won a special election for the Glendale-Burbank Assembly seat in May and weathered a challenge in the Republican primary in June. He had filled the seat for only six months before Tuesday's election results gave him a full two-year term representing Glendale and Burbank, as well as Los Feliz, Silver Lake and parts of Hollywood.

After a late night of watching the returns, Rogan was in his office early Wednesday working on his proposals for reforming the way the Assembly handles the crush of bills that come up for consideration. He had also purchased a plane ticket for Sacramento for this morning.

Schiff, meanwhile, was reflecting on his uphill fight to seize for the Democrats a seat that has long been in Republican hands. The 43rd District, reapportioned in 1992, was considered vulnerable by state Democratic leaders, who donated heavily to Schiff's campaign.

Schiff, 34, a former federal prosecutor, attributed his defeat to Rogan's fund raising--Rogan outspent Schiff roughly 2 to 1--as well as the GOP's strong nationwide showing.

"It was a Republican tidal wave in California and nationally," Schiff said. "It is tough to overcome that."

Rogan--who had been endorsed by Glendale and Burbank police officer groups and the leadership of the tax-revolt movement--downplayed the influence other races had on the contest.

"This is a conservative district and I think it's going to remain that way into the next century," he said.

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