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Final California Election Results / Board Of Equalization

November 10, 1994

Key to Election Tables

-- An asterisk (*) denotes an incumbent candidate; a double asterisk (**) denotes an appointed incumbent.

-- A triple asterisk (***) indicates a race in a district shared by two or more counties. For that reason, individual tables do not reflect the total vote.

-- Elected candidates and approved measures are in bold type. Results are not official and could be affected by absentee ballots.

-- Party affiliation is indicated in parentheses: (A) American Independent (D) Democratic (G) Green (I) Independent (L) Libertarian (P) Peace and Freedom (R) Republican

-- District locations are identified by county. In Los Angeles, Orange, San Diego and Ventura counties, they are identified by community.

-- Uncontested races are not included in the tables.

-- Special district races for San Diego county and school and special district races for Riverside and San Bernardino counties are not included in the tables.


100% Precincts Reporting: votes (%) Johan Klehs (D): 1,016,009 (51%) Robert Strawn (R): 817,121 (41%) Kennita Watson (L): 146,811 (7%)


100% Precincts Reporting: votes (%) Dean Andal (R): 1,025,633 (54%) Robert Presley (D): 744,356 (39%) Ernest Vance (A): 128,139 (7%)


100% Precincts Reporting: votes (%) Ernest Dronenburg Jr. * (R): 1,081,396 (59%) Mary Christian-Heising (D): 605,177 (33%) Ken Mason (L): 96,292 (5%) Maxine B. Quirk (P): 44,087 (2%)


100% Precincts Reporting: votes (%) Brad Sherman * (D): 716,873 (54%) Ernie Dynda (R): 474,825 (36%) Shirley R. Isaacson (P): 75,620 (6%) Lawrence D. Goldberg (L): 58,670 (4%)

Contributing to The Times' Election Coverage:

-- Technical assistance: Deputy systems editor James D. Angius, systems architect Victor I. Pulver, systems analyst Steve Bergens.

-- Compiled by: Times editorial researchers Nona Yates and Tracy Thomas.

-- Contributing: Michael Alvarez, Lilia Beebe, Wendy Cota, Aaron Davis, Rossana Ellefson, John Hernandez, Christina Kelch, Anthony Kelker, John Malnic, Roshawn Mathias, Monica Torres, Tomas Torres, Rachel Vargas, Cynthia Viers.

Sources: Election returns provided by the office of the secretary of state and county registrars of voters.

Results on TimesLink

Final election returns for most statewide and California congressional elections are available on the TimesLink online service.

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