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Will These Sports Ever Be Played Again?

November 12, 1994

Top-10 Good Things About NHL Work Stoppage

10. No need to spend more than an hour crawling along the 405 toward Inglewood several times a week.

9. Don't have to miss nightly Star Trek reruns at 7.

8. No dragging my tired body to work the morning after previous night's four-hour overtime game.

7. Don't have to explain icing all night to non-fan using corporate seats in my section.

6. One word: Books!

5. Can spend idle time planning how to spend refund from canceled games that the Kings will be sending me sometime next August.

4. Am currently tied for first in my hockey pool.

3. "As a matter of fact, I am free this Saturday night."

2. Won't have to pay $6 parking fee to go to a movie.

1. Earning more money right now than Wayne Gretzky.


Van Nuys


I read that the theme of the coming Rose Parade will be "sports."

I can see it now. There will be a marching unit of major league baseball players carrying "Strike!" placards and behind them will be a float carrying Bud Selig, with a banner that reads: "The Grinch Who Killed Christmas."




Please stop referring to Donald Fehr and Richard Ravitch as negotiators. Their correct title should be procrastinators.



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