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Ah, the Clippers: How Low Can They Go?

November 12, 1994

In a recent NBA preview article, Clipper Coach Bill Fitch praised his team and stated that he wished he had about "30 more days of practice" before the season started.

Bill, you could hold two-a-days for the next year and Elmore Spencer still couldn't guard Hakeem Olajuwon or David Robinson, and Pooh Richardson couldn't handle Tim Hardaway or Kevin Johnson. And can anybody on this team shoot 50%?

Take it from a realist, Bill, and buy a warm jacket: It will be very cold in the deep cellar this year.


San Diego


Recent ads claim that the Clippers' seven-game packages at the Anaheim Pond are almost sold out.

So, I guess it's true what they say: People will pay anything for really good nachos.


Newport Beach

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