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Readers Disgusted With Raider Offense

November 12, 1994

The Raiders need only three things to become contenders:

1. Some plays.

2. Offensive players capable of executing those plays.

3. A coaching staff not afraid to use those plays.

Does that seem so difficult? Of course, they might already have the first two, but we'll never know until the third one decides to check in.


Temple City


Steve Springer had it all wrong. Those were the greatest, most uplifting, exciting 60 minutes at Arrowhead Stadium. He just does not understand that the people of Los Angeles do not want Al Davis.


Long Beach


Raider play calling has been terrible all season. Sunday evening it was atrocious, especially at the end of the first half.

The coaching staff calls the plays. Penalties are a direct result of coaching. Need I say more?


Simi Valley


Watching the Raiders lose to Kansas City, I was amazed that the Chiefs' defense was continually able to stop the end-around, halfback option, quarterback draw, reverse, double reverse, shovel pass, tight-end screen, flea flicker and fumblerooski. The Chiefs were like mind readers. It was as if they knew exactly what trick play the Raiders were going to run next, even the four-yard curl to Tim Brown, even the four-yard curl to Tim Brown, even the four-yard curl. . . .


Beverly Hills


If Art Shell had been in charge of D-Day, we would all be speaking German. What a monumental waste of talent.


Santa Barbara

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