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Mighty Migration : Ducks Branching Out During Work Stoppage : Todd Ewen

November 12, 1994|ELLIOTT TEAFORD

Todd Ewen, a tough guy who doubles as the Ducks' poet laureate, is at it again.

Writing that is, not fighting.

This time, he's working on a guide for hockey novices, a how-to book for parents whose children suddenly catch puck fever.

"People in California, Dallas and Florida now have kids who say, 'I want to play,' " Ewen said. "Parents don't know what they need to get started. I'm looking out for them. I know they're not completely naive, but they need the knowledge.

"It's a personal book, as if I'm talking to somebody who has a lot of questions for me."

The book still is in the planning stages, but Ewen said it's moving along nicely. Brian Hayward is adding assistance on goaltending and Ewen hopes to illustrate the front of each chapter.

Ewen's forte is drawing. He is renowned for his caricatures of teammates. His first book, an illustrated children's story of characters he dreamed up, is back on track after clearing some red tape with the league. All he needs now is a publisher for "A Frog Named Hop."

"I think that's the hardest part," said Ewen, who led the Ducks with 272 penalty minutes. "Dealing with the NHL was one phone call. Now I'm back trying to locate a publisher."

When he's not writing or drawing, Ewen spends hours at his personal computer.

Teammate Robert Dirk came by one day and they played Risk for about eight hours. "I haven't had much chance to golf lately," Ewen said.

He skates every other day with a dozen or so teammates, appears at school assemblies occasionally and spent Halloween giving away candy at Children's Hospital of Orange County.

"I'm busier than if I were playing," he said.

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