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LOG ON L.A. : 'Melrose' Is the Place for E-Mail Fans

November 13, 1994|Jaclyn Easton | Jaclyn Easton hosts "Log On L.A.," which airs Wednesdays at 8 p.m. on KIEV-AM 870

For those craving continuous electronic mail that discusses nothing but "Melrose Place," your prayers have been answered.

No more waiting for Monday nights to get your fill of the fave Fox show. Cyberspace is the haven to talk about anything and everything related to "MP" (though the e-mail conversations are not affiliated with the show or the network).

You have two choices to get in on the "MP" discourse: via an electronic mailing list (where the conversation comes to you) or a Usenet group (where you go to the conversation).

Or--for the most devout--both, as the mailing list and Usenet group are separate entities.

To join the mailing list send Internet e-mail to: majordomo@

In the topic/subject line type: subscribe .

In the letter body, then type: subscribe melrose-place .

The name of the Internet Use-net group:

Usenet groups and Internet mail are available on Prodigy, CompuServe, America Online, Delphi, the Internet and many BBSes.*

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