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L.A. SPEAK : Road Tour-isms

November 13, 1994|Chris Rubin

bus face: adj. the wrinkled, disheveled look after sleeping on a tour bus. "The band showed up for sound check with a serious case of bus face."

gack: n. equipment in addition to the normal sound and lighting gear. "Look at all that gack. The Stones are totally spoiled."

muzos: n. musicians.

road kill: n. a one night stand on the road.

squeals: n. audio crew, audio engineer. Also: hum head .

squint: n. lighting crew, lighting designer. Also: eye.

swag: n. T-shirts, tour jackets and other freebies from the tour, venue or promoter. Get the squints and squeals together; we've got swag for everyone."

truss monkey: n. one who climbs up rigging and adjust the lights. "Send that truss monkey up there to refocus the upstage lights."

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