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L.A. Workers

November 13, 1994

I am sorry that DWP employees are being fired (Nov. 2).

During the January earthquake, the DWP people, along with the Los Angeles employees, were heroes, helpful, reassuring and vital. They are among the best public servants I have dealt with--along with the roads, sanitation and maintenance people.

We need more jobs in Los Angeles for workers who contribute to our welfare, not fewer. We must have learned from the '80s there are more sensible ways to save money than to lose the employees, the lifeblood of companies and of our towns.

Thank you, DWP employees, for your assistance throughout the years, and best wishes for finding a good job in Los Angeles.


Los Angeles

* All too often the good people that work for the City of Los Angeles go unrecognized for their good work. I don't want that to be the case for the sign repair crews working in the Department of Transportation. About 10 days ago I wrote the department listing nine signs near my home which were in need of repair. Yesterday they were all either repaired or replaced. That is the kind of service which all residents of the city should appreciate.


Sherman Oaks

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