Seven Existing HPOZs

November 13, 1994|R. DANIEL FOSTER

There are seven HPOZs within the city of Los Angeles. Similar zones exist outside the city, including the Third Street Neighborhood Historic District in Santa Monica, Old Pasadena and Bungalow Heaven in Pasadena and four small historic zones in West Hollywood. Boundaries in the listing below are approximate; the precise perimeters may incorporate additional streets.

--Angelino Heights, north of Downtown.

HPOZ granted: August, 1983.

Boundary: East and West Kensington Roads to the north, Bellevue Avenue to the south, East Kensington Road to the east and West Kensington Road to the west.

Architecture: Victorian, Craftsman bungalow, Brownstone, Streamline Moderne and revival styles.

Total structures: 1,500, with 350 contributing to historic status.

--South Carthay, southwest of Beverly Hills.

HPOZ granted: March, 1984.

Boundary: Olympic Boulevard to the north, Pico Boulevard to the south, Crescent Heights to the east and Alfred Street to the west.

Architecture: Primarily Spanish colonial revival.

Total structures: About 350, with 90% contributing to historic status.

--Whitley Heights, Hollywood.

HPOZ granted: October, 1985.

Boundary: Hollywood 101 Freeway to the north, Franklin Avenue to the south, Wilcox to the east and Las Palmas Avenue to the west.

Architecture: Mediterranean and Spanish colonial revival.

Total structures: 196, with 164 contributing to historical status.

--Melrose Hill, southeast of Hollywood.

HPOZ granted: February, 1988.

Boundary: The 4900 block of Marathon Street, all of West and North Melrose Hill.

Architecture: Craftsman bungalow.

Total structures: 45, all contributing to historic status.

--Miracle Mile North, west of Hancock Park.

HPOZ granted: May, 1990.

Boundary: Beverly Boulevard to the north, 3rd Street to the south, Detroit Street to the east and Gardner Street to the west.

Architecture: Revival styles, including Spanish colonial, Mediterranean, Tudor and French.

Total structures: 598, with 547 contributing to historic status.

--Spalding Square, north of West Hollywood.

HPOZ granted: April, 1993.

Boundary: Sunset Boulevard to the north, Fountain Avenue to the south, Spalding Avenue to the east and Orange Grove Avenue to the west.

Architecture: Colonial, Tudor and other period revival styles.

Total structures: 160, with about 90% contributing to historic status.

--Highland Park.

HPOZ granted: April, 1994.

Boundary: From the south boundary at Avenue 35 and Pasadena Avenue, the area fans up to York Boulevard and includes lower portions of Mt. Washington.

Architecture: Victorian and Craftsman bungalow.

Total structures: 3,000, with 1,500 contributing to historic status.

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