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TV Ratings : 'Scarlett' Opens at No. 1 but ABC Still Wins Week : C BS' miniseries "Scarlett" racked up good but not great ratings with its first installment Sunday night. The drama, starring Joanne Whalley-Kilmer and Timothy Dalton, attracted enough viewers to rank as the week's top-rated program, but audience interest fell far short of the "event" status that might have been expected for the sequel to one of the most popular movies of all time, "Gone With the Wind." : Indeed, figures released Tuesday by the A.C. Nielsen Co. showed that Part 1 of "Scarlett" was watched in about 20.4 million homes--the same number as the average "Home Improvement" episode this season (although the ABC sitcom was off a bit last week because it aired on election night). Two TV movies on CBS last season scored higher ratings. : CBS' strong showing on Sunday--"60 Minutes" and "Murder, She Wrote" also finished in theTop 10--was not enough to keep ABC from winning the prime-time network race for the fifth week in a row. : NBC finished third and saw the second-week ratings for its science-fiction drama "Earth 2" take a 33% dive from the first installment.

November 16, 1994|LEE MARGULIES

Southland Ratings

Here are A.C. Nielsen's Top 10 prime-time programs in the Los Angeles area during the same week. Each rating point equals 50,064 households.

Program Station Rating 1. Home Improvement KABC 21.6 2. Beverly Hills, 90210 KTTV 21.0 3. Seinfeld KNBC 20.9 4. ER KNBC 20.7 5. 60 Minutes KCBS 19.9 6. Roseanne KABC 19.5 7. "Scarlett" KCBS 19.1 8. The Simpsons KTTV 19.1 9. The Simpsons (8:30 p.m.) KTTV 18.9 10. Home Improvement (8 p.m.) KABC 18.9

Weekly Averages

ABC: 12.6

CBS: 12.4

NBC: 10.7

FOX: 8.6

Season to Date

ABC: 12.2

CBS: 11.8

NBC: 11.6

FOX: 7.8

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