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Gingrich and Dole

November 17, 1994

Americans need to take a good long look in the mirror. They complain about searing negative political campaigns, but then vote for candidates who are the most negative.

Sen. Bob Dole and Rep. Newt Gingrich understand the rewards of negativity. For the past two years, they have done nothing but attack President Clinton and his policies. The lesson for President Clinton is that his biggest mistake in office so far has been not "going negative" on Republicans.

Until voters decide that issues, records and qualifications are more important than dirt, we're going to see even more attacks against political leaders and candidates. Until voters see themselves as part of the problem, our very political process is in danger of becoming a four-letter word.


Los Angeles

* Despite all appearances, I have yet to find one person who voted for Newt Gingrich.


Santa Monica

* Now let's see if I can identify the members of Gingrich's anti-American counterculture. They would be: liberals, Hispanics without documentation, women with too much power, nonsmokers, the impoverished, environmentalists, homosexuals, non-Christians, intellectuals, union workers, welfare recipients, pro-choicers, divorcees, artists, people without children, social workers.

I thank God that I am a rich, white, racist, heterosexual Christian who owns a sizable portfolio of R.J. Reynolds. Jesus' kingdom has finally arrived!


Laguna Niguel

* Last Sunday's TV interview shows exhibited a colossal change in attitude of the Election Day Republican winners. The roaring lions of post-election rhetoric turned into pathetic pussycats with no clues.


Laguna Beach

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