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Period for Quake-Aid Applications Expands

November 17, 1994|HUGO MARTIN

For the third time in as many months, state and federal officials Wednesday extended the deadline for quake aid applications--from today to Jan. 20--but vowed that it would be the final extension.

The extension applies to loan applications to the Small Business Administration and requests for aid from the Federal Emergency Management Agency and the state's Individual and Family Grant Program.

The extension was requested by Los Angeles city officials who argued that many victims are only now learning the extent of their damage and finding out how much of their repairs will be paid for by insurance settlements.

So far, the SBA has approved low-interest loans to 110,214 homeowners, renters and business owners, totaling more than $3.55 billion. FEMA, meanwhile, has disbursed about $1.1 billion in grants for emergency repairs and rental and mortgage assistance.

The deadline had originally been extended from Sept. 17 to Oct. 17 and then again to Nov. 17. But federal officials said they would grant no further extensions.

"This is the final extension of the application period for the Northridge earthquake," said Frank Kishton, FEMA's coordinating officer. "There will not be another extension."

In an effort to encourage quake-damaged businesses to take advantage of the extension, Los Angeles Mayor Richard Riordan's office plans to send out about 214,0000 notices to every registered business in the city, advising them of the extension.

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