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PRO FOOTBALL DAILY REPORT : RAMS : Quarterback Picture Unclear

November 17, 1994|T.J. SIMERS

Chris Miller, the Rams' $9 million quarterback, is healthy, but Coach Chuck Knox again made it clear he favors backup Chris Chandler as the team's starting quarterback, although Chandler is limping because of an ankle injury.

Chandler was unable to practice Wednesday and did little more than walk on a treadmill. Miller, meanwhile, ran the first team offense, but became testy when asked if he had been told he will be the team's starting quarterback against San Francisco.

"Chuck hasn't said anything to me," Miller said. "I'm going to prepare myself to play Sunday and then Chuck will make his decision."

Knox, while acknowledging the limping Chandler, said it looks as if Miller will start against the 49ers, but qualified his announcement by saying "at this point," it appears that way.

Chandler, who will attempt to practice today, said he's pleased by Knox's confidence in him as evidenced by Knox's willingness to wait before declaring a starting quarterback.

"But it doesn't make it any less frustrating that the whole thing happened in the first place," Chandler said. "It would be nice to have it feeling real good (today), but we'll have to see."

With the number of injuries occurring at the quarterback position, the Rams opted to re-sign Jamie Martin and placed running back James Bostic on injured reserve.


Bostic, the Rams' third-round draft pick, has been listed as inactive for the team's first 10 games, but instead of cutting him to make room for Martin, the team announced a wrist injury would allow the team to keep him on injured reserve.

Knox, asked if Bostic had injured the right wrist while holding his helmet on the sideline, replied good-naturedly, "He holds his helmet with his left hand, for your information.

"He's had it, it's an old fracture," Knox said. "Every time he went to block somebody it would bother him. There was thought of waiting until the end of the season to have it worked on, but we needed the roster spot."

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