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Health Warning Issued on Candies

November 18, 1994|MAIA DAVIS

Certain Mexican-made candies and candy wrappers contain enough lead to cause permanent brain damage to small children who eat the sweets, Ventura County public health officials have warned.

Ventura County Public Health Officer Gary M. Feldman also advised that pregnant women avoid the candies because they pose a danger to unborn children.

Although state health officials have asked stores not to sell the candies, they are still available in many Ventura County markets and through ice-cream truck vendors, Feldman said.

Feldman advises that parents whose children have regularly eaten such candies have the youngsters' blood tested for lead.

The three brands of candy targeted by state and local health officials are:

* Vero Rebanaditos, which is wrapped in a clear and yellow cellophane that bears a picture of a watermelon on a stick. The label on the sweet lists the manufacturer's name of Candy-Pop SA De CV.

* Vero Mango, which is wrapped in clear cellophane with red and blue printing and a picture of a mango on a stick. The product label lists the manufacturer Dulces La Ibro SA De CV.

* Vero Elotes, which is wrapped in clear cellophane with yellow and black printing and a picture of two ears of corn mounted on sticks. The label lists the manufacturer Dulces La Fresa SA.

For more information, call Ventura County Public Health Services at 652-5914.

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