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November 18, 1994

Follow-up on the news


Delays Postpone Opening of Ice Rink

Issue: Opening of south Orange County's first ice-skating rink.

Background: Several local investors pleased thousands of South County residents when they announced plans to open the Ice Palace in a local light industrial park. The investors had hoped to open the rink Sept. 15. Hundreds of children swamped the site to sign up for hockey leagues and figure-skating lessons.

Development: Due to delays by the ice manufacturer, the rink did not open as scheduled. Co-owner John Rudenski said the company, based in Pittsburgh, had trouble getting started on time because it was busy building ice rinks elsewhere in the world. He said he now expects the rink to open sometime this winter.



School Back on Its Feet After Arson Fire

Issue: Dr. Leroy L. Doig Intermediate School recovers from fire.

Background: An arson fire set at the school Oct. 9 damaged several classrooms and caused $250,000 in damage. The fire, which apparently was set to destroy evidence of a burglary there, has forced some teachers to teach classes in the school's library and cafeteria.

Development: Ron Walter, superintendent of the Garden Grove Unified School District, announced recently that one suspect had been arrested and that more arrests are expected. Three of the six rooms damaged have been repaired and portable classrooms have begun to arrive to make up for those that will not be repaired for several months.



City OKs Joint State, Municipal Election

Issue: Consolidating municipal election with statewide primary.

Background: The city's next general election was scheduled for April 9, 1996, just two weeks after the statewide primary election March 26. An analysis by the city clerk's office indicated that consolidating the two elections could result in increased voter turnout and reduced costs to the city. Disadvantages of a consolidated election, according to the analysis, include the loss of visibility for city issues and candidates, and increased campaign costs for City Council hopefuls.

Development: The council gave final approval to a measure consolidating the municipal election with the statewide primary, starting in 1996. If the primary election does not take place in March at some future date, the municipal election would return to the second Tuesday in April during even-numbered years. Council members in favor of the measure said a consolidated election is more convenient for voters. Councilman Michael J. Doyle, who opposed consolidation, said the municipal election date has been changed too frequently in recent years.


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