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OC HIGH: STUDENT NEWS AND VIEWS : Don't You Hate It When . . .

November 18, 1994

". . . you don't even eat at home, but your parents save the dishes for you so you can do them when you get home--and by that time the food is dried on and it's really hard to get it off and clean."

Amanda Bates, 15, sophomore, Villa Park

" . . . you're eating a banana and you bite into the brown gushy part and you didn't see it because it was on the other side."

Payal Kumar, 17, senior, Canyon

" . . . couples at school are slobbering all over each other."

Elizabeth Costellanos, 16, junior, Trabuco Hills

" . . . other people finish your sentences."

Margaret Magee, 16, junior, Woodbridge

" . . . when your sister's wearing what you were planning to wear that day."

Nasaka Malimba, 14, freshman, Loara

" . . . the dog goes potty on the rug."

Cindy Kim, 15, sophomore, Kennedy

" . . . you find out that there's a big hole in the seat of your pants, but nobody tells you."

Long Eunguyen, 15, sophomore, Loara

" . . . you're crying, and someone comes up to you and asks 'Are you OK?' "

Elisabeth Alford, 17, senior, Cypress

" . . . your mom sings to the radio."

Carol Hromadka, 17, senior, Capistrano Valley

" . . . you're watching a really good movie, but you have to go to the bathroom and you know a really good part is coming up."

Kimbach Tran, 17, senior, El Dorado

" . . . you take good care of your body, use expensive facial products and you still get pimples."

Mi-Young Yoo, 17, senior, Santiago

" . . . you're supposed to be the 'big senior' and all the 'little freshmen' are taller than you."

Ann Cho, 17, senior, Fountain Valley

" . . . your date wants to exchange gum with you."

Jennifer Mullen, 17, senior, Santa Ana Valley

" . . . you're in the shower and the water is nice and warm, and then someone turns on a faucet and the water immediately gets cold."

Roger McCullough, 17, senior, Bolsa Grande

" . . . the person who cuts your hair really messes up."

David Isom, 17, junior, Troy

" . . . you're baby-sitting and the kids want to watch Barney."

Barbi Gango, 17, senior, Trabuco Hills

" . . . you walk out the door, ready for school, and you realize you have a big glob of toothpaste on your shirt."

Nicole Deigadillo, 15, sophomore, Canyon

" . . . you step out of a restroom and find tissue paper stuck on the sole of your shoe."

Dana Schaeffer, 15, junior, Saddleback

" . . . guys whistle at you when you are walking down the street."

Marie Morales, sophomore, Laguna Beach

" . . . your parents nag you."

Kristin Chodera, 14, freshman, Westminster

" . . . you know the answer but you don't know how to say it and everything comes out wrong."

Jana Oak, 17, senior, Brea Olinda

" . . . you're stopped at a red light, and the left turn arrow turns green but you have lunged forward into the intersection, thinking that your light is green."

Charlie Vaughn, 17, senior, Cypress

" . . . somebody says, 'Oh! Guess what?' and then, 'Wait, I can't tell you.' "

Megan Goldman, 14, freshman, Los Alamitos

" . . . people are making out in front of your locker and you're late for school."

Katie Chauvin, 17, junior, Mater Dei

" . . . you're telling someone something exciting that happened, and just when you're about to tell the best part, someone else, who knows what you're talking about, interrupts and says it for you."

Kim Tabako, 16, junior, Garden Grove

" . . . you run out of toilet paper."

Jennifer Morioka, 15, sophomore, Cornelia Connelly

" . . . you think you know someone standing far away and you start waving to them, and when you come closer, it wasn't the person you thought it was."

Monique Nguyen, 16, junior, Los Amigos

" . . . you have something stuck in your teeth all day and nobody tells you."

Robyn Markle, 16, junior, Garden Grove

" . . . you're interested in someone but, when you talk to them, you get the feeling they don't like you in the same way. Then, when you give up, you find out they do like you."

Stephny Vu, 15, junior, Santa Ana Valley

" . . . people eat your food."

Juan Trujillo, 15, junior, Loara

" . . . you are talking to someone and they just ignore you and start talking to someone else."

Denise Lewis, 17, senior, Bolsa Grande

" . . . the one day you don't do your homework is the one day that the teacher collects and grades it."

Suzanne Brownwell, 16, junior, Villa Park

" . . . you go to a dance and you want to dance to a slow song with your date, and all the deejay plays is rap and noisy music."

Elyse McCandles, 17, senior, Villa Park

" . . . you can't get concert tickets because some trendy radio station buys up a whole lot, or a lot of people buy tickets at one time so that die-hard fans can't buy the tickets."

Anne Westin, 17, senior, Irvine

" . . . a guy thinks you like him--and you only want to be friends."

Celeste Tabora, 17, senior, Western

" . . . your alarm goes off in the morning, you turn it off, then you fall back to sleep and you're late."

Lucas Brightman, 17, senior, Sonora

" . . . friends break their promises."

Shon Brennan, 18, senior, Kennedy

" . . . you get a lower grade on your test even though you worked hard for an 'A.' "

Julie Lim, 16, junior, Santiago

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