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Fighting in Bosnia

November 19, 1994

Why is the U.S. mainstream media so bashful about reporting the major offensive launched two weeks ago by the Croatian and Bosnian Muslim forces? Several aspects of this coordinated assault, directed mainly on two areas--to the southeast of Bihac and at Kupres--should provoke very harsh commentaries if not straightforward condemnation. What is worse, the Bihac offensive was generated and organized in a demilitarized "safe haven" with apparently open support of the U.N. peacekeeping forces (from Bangladesh) stationed there.

A military aggression of such magnitude is outrageous and destructive at the time when the world's community is (supposedly) trying to work out the solution for a lasting peace in Bosnia. Even more shameful is the attitude of some commentators to savor it as a "rightful revenge," in which thousands of Serbs fleeing from their homes are mentioned "matter-of-factly," without a shred of compassion, which is apparently (only) for the alleged "victims of Serbian aggression." However, the greatest irony of all is that a reversal came even sooner than expected.

The latest news is that the Bosnian Muslim government is begging the United Nations for military intervention, since its "victorious" army is decimated (after initial successes) by the Serbian counteroffensive, reaching the city of Bihac as well. This Muslim scenario was seen before--in Gorazde, for example--provocations, terrorist raids of Serbian villages, gloating about "decisive victories," only to end up by whining and squealing for help.

The question is: When shall the world community, saturated by lies, deceptions and manipulations furnished by Bosnian Muslim leaders and their supporters, express its disgust? Unfortunately, misinterpretations, omissions and pure fabrications presented by the pack of journalists, reporting and commenting on recent events in Bosnia, protract the illusion of their veracity. Truth was the first victim of this war, and now it would be "politically incorrect," even unthinkable for some, to resurrect it.


Researcher, Serbian-American

Community Relations Coalition

Los Angeles

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