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Republican Takeover of Congress

November 19, 1994

Re "The Party's Over, Let's Get to Work," editorial, Nov. 11:

Boy, are you guys in a sore mood. What did Rep. Newt Gingrich say that touched such a nerve? What did he say that was even untrue?

The problem is, you guys haven't come to grips with the election yet. You're not ready to give up power. You still want to dictate to Republicans. You want them to cooperate and be nice. But they don't have to. They have as much right to take charge as the Dems did during Reagan/Bush.

Republicans learned to live with a Democratic Congress, and now that the shoe's on the other foot, it's time to get used to it. Your resentment over this new turn fairly leaped off the page. If you're going to print nice words about reconciliation and cooperation, at least sound like you mean it.


Los Angeles


* There is a simple message from the people to the Democratic Party regarding the election results:

* This is the people's country; it doesn't belong to Washington.

* The people work hard to earn their money; Washington doesn't have an absolute right to it.

* The people value their flag; citizens and non-citizens had better respect it and not tread on it.

The Democratic Party and the media have not been listening to the people for decades. This current election rout will continue if the Democratic Party does not heed the message. J. LEROY HOLLAND

La Canada


* The Republicans deserve credit for their big win. But I swear I saw some worried looks on Newt Gingrich, Bob Dole and the boys. Did things get out of control, did they only want enough gain to launch a 1996 presidential bid? The Contract with America might have a balloon payment and our arithmetic is much better. The bright side for the Democrats is they finally lost a lot of unneeded congressional baggage, Clinton can put on Bush's Truman disguise and not have to stick his neck out so far. I am sure, however, it will be an award-winning performance by all.


San Diego


* Ross Baker's prescription ("It's Rehab Time for the Democrats," Commentary, Nov. 10) is to move left. As a conservative, I can only hope he takes as many liberal lemmings with him over that cliff as possible.

Our President, meanwhile, hasn't a clue as to what his own philosophy truly is. He now says he plans to return as a "New Democrat." This casting about for a defining mode of governance is leadership?

Contrast Clinton's approach with Ronald Reagan. And does anyone recall descriptions such as "frustrated and weary" and "notably downbeat" being applied to Reagan?

The only question remaining is which lucky Republican secures his party's nomination two years hence.


Woodland Hills


* I agree wholeheartedly with Baker's column. The Democrats have been catering to the Southern conservatives ever since the 1964 Civil Rights Act passed. I say let them go to the Republican Party where they belong. That action would be the first step to "Happy Days Are Here Again."




* Now that the Republicans will be in charge of Congress, I suggest that they not waste time on a balanced budget amendment--just enact a balanced budget.


El Cajon

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